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The Content Curation Technique

In today’s internet marketing world content curation is becoming an influential component when it comes to building online communities and followers. The content curation technique is all about adding to the information already available. It is therefore more than just a simple share or duplicate of the information already present elsewhere online. How the content curation technique actually works is when for example a share becomes a form of content by the addition of comments, links, photos and further writing. This therefore expands on the information made […]

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What is Content Curation?

Content curation is a relatively new term that has appeared on the internet and pertains to the compiling and editing of current content that is already present on the worldwide web. For many online marketers and developers the term content curation will already have made itself known and they will have no doubt already adopted this manner of recycling existing content. Curating content in effect is all about compiling the best available data and is seen as an ethical way in which to reproduce already available content […]

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