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Influencing Your Readers With Content

One of the hottest topics in internet marketing today is content curation. The beauty of this technique is, if done correctly, it can help you build influence with your readers and help you appear to be an authority. Other positive results can include gaining more followers and fans as well as increase your online income, if that’s one of your main goals. There are a few different techniques to curating content but one of the more “professional” ways is to not only find content related to your […]

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Adding Value yo Your Content

The idea of content curation, assimilating content from multiple sources as a way to add value to your own content, is becoming more widely accepted and practised these days. The reason is, it’s a win-win-win situation. What I mean by that is your readers win by finding more than one valuable content resource on your website, Google wins because they are providing good content for those who use their search engine, and you win by gaining readership and hopefully earning more money with this sudden influx of […]

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